Black History Month…to me


IMG_9483_1When the calendar changes over from January to February 1st, for me it’s a time to celebrate. Celebrate my culture, my history, stories from others that brought about the societal changes I live out today.

Some may separate themselves from it, but I fully immerse in it.

Growing up, when school handed me the project to explore my history, while most returned with immediate family stories, I used it as an opportunity to explore the history of the Black Panther Party. Though I may not have familial ties to any members that I know of, the desire for justice, the awareness of great possibility within me and the enthusiasm I possessed to want others to recognize their own potential proved that I held many of their attributes.

Learning about Rosa Parks deciding to remain still, or Ruby Bridges alone, walking into a school she knew didn’t want to accept her, and about the countless others who made choices to forego the easy route; allowed strength to pour into my psyche.

Have I endured setbacks? Plenty! Stumbling blocks? Often! Have I been rejected, been disqualified or ridiculed? Yes!

But are any of these reasons to slide back into the corner, resort to change…tomorrow, or watch from the sidelines? No!

I have a history of greatness!

Overcoming obstacles

Setting new standards

Uplifting the weak

Charting new courses

It’s in me to succeed and though I may not always acknowledge it…come February when I’m surrounded by it – I will always be reminded



**Shout out to the incredible Angelot Ndongmo for her “Loving Me” book series (pictured above) for children of colour to love themselves just how they are 🙂

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