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March Break?

BODY, Kids+Me

Tempers flying again…feeling completely out of control…agitated. That’s how my week could be summed up. It’s March break and although I thought that this would mean I would be calm, cool and collected as I didn’t have to get Princess ready for school, which meant not rushing to get my other two ready to take her, that was far from reality! Let me quickly paint a picture. Princess wants to play alone. My little boy, Strength wants to play with…

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Freeze Over Birthday


My mind always starts churning when birthday season comes around in my home, because for four consecutive months there are about ten birthdays, including my three kids back to back.  As a result of my eldest two children being…

Perfectly Imperfect


Why do we short change ourselves and others so much? Casting the imperfections of lives in a blinding spotlight.  What right do we have to do that? And yet I did. I grew up with the misconception that all…