While I’m well aware that we’re now into the 2nd month of the year, the ending of 2017 was so busy I literally called a time out.  I knew realistically that January would be a much needed time to reset, find the groove of our daily routines and start making plans that could be strategically implemented over the course of the following months.

Although I don’t do New Year resolutions because I don’t believe we should wait until January of a given year to start things, I do like the notion of having one theme word to focus on throughout the year. It’s a way of reflecting at various moments to see whether you’re on track to maintaining a standard you’ve set for yourself and allowing you to get back on the path if you’ve strayed.

In December the phrase that played again and again in my mind was having Intention, meaning “a determination to act in a certain way

I found that in previous years, I’ve done things without really being purposeful and a lot of time was essentially wasted. So taking the opportunity to reflect personally as well as with my family highlighted that we needed to plan out our objectives for the future to address what we want to achieve individually and collectively and use the seemingly little decisions we make daily to help us take steps in that very direction.

It isn’t about achieving instant results, because I think it’s fair to say that success is rarely found overnight, but we can determine to act in a way that leads to where we want to be whether its physically fit, academic achievers or on a path to obtaining mental or emotional well being.

Send me a quick comment below of steps you are taking this year to achieving your goal!!

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