My Worth as a Woman

Worth of a Woman

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They say I wear my emotions on my sleeve, but in reality I wear it proudly on my chest.

I have nothing to prove, no facade to bear

I’m proud of my scars, my stretch marks, my tears

Reminders of the fact that I’m human

Blessed with the ability to feel

Whether it be hurt or pain, love or excitement

My resume of emotional ups and downs makes me the best teacher to instill

That’s why my worth as a woman, as a mother goes beyond words


My babies when young, when sick, scared or doubtful

Immediately perk up with one loving touch

Doesn’t matter to them that I yell, scold, or frown

They know that when it counts I’m right by their side

It’s all for them

The person I’ve become

The life that I strive for


My man protects the outward threats

But as a woman, deeper than that

I tune into those threats that attempt from within

It’s custom when married to encompass about

My husband as a symbol of keeping watch of all things


So when others may question my role

It slips off my back with the wave of my hand

I know my worth

Invaluable. Unmatched. Priceless

I can’t be calculated with man-made equations

The day I arrived, there will be no equal

And when I leave, no identical replacement


God intended it so

He made me this way

And boldly I’ll stand

With womanly grace

Because woman we ought to know

The power we’ve been given

To create life and bear the burdens of those we love

A strength to be vulnerable

Confidence to be humble

Imagine if more of us realized these truths

Instead of believing the many lies that have been told about us

The true worth of a woman


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    February 22, 2015 at 10:15 AM

    Very powerful words that many people can relate to. Love it!!!

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      February 22, 2015 at 6:11 PM

      🙂 Thank you sooo much Monique!!!

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