ShowHer is my own initiative that was birthed shortly after discovering I was pregnant with my now 4th child.

I pride myself in community involvement and am always looking for opportunities to get involved, especially with regards to Women and Children and make it a priority to teach my own children the same values as well.

As a child who experienced firsthand living in a women’s shelter and later on battling emotional turmoil as I experienced sexual, mental and verbal abuse in my early 20s, I now use my experiences to encourage and uplift others.

Last year I joined the Durham Rape Crisis Centre with their #webelieveyou campaign and attended their Steps for Survivors walk. Prior to that I competed in Top Model UK 2016 as a finalist and used that to bring awareness to sexual abuse and overcoming obstacles.

Upon discovering that I was carrying my 4th child and being selected as a candidate for the Queens Program, an initiative by the Diversity Advancement Network, my conviction was drawn even more to use this position to uplift others within my community.

In lieu of my own baby shower, ShowHer is a community drop off  that through the support of various organizations and individuals within Durham Region, items can be collected to donate to local charities that assist expectant women and existing families needing support.  Simultaneously I want to use this as an opportunity to bring awareness of community support to young mothers, single parents, and low income families.

Oftentimes people feel overlooked in their situations or isolated and I intend on using this celebration as a means to bringing joy, show an act of love and kindness as well as assistance to those in need.