Silence – the complete absence of sound

We misinterpret the validity of someone suffering when we say they’re suffering in silence.  We assume that there’s no real threat or urgency because what that person is battling with is invisible.

This is just not true!!

The reality is that the person dealing with their suffering first hand is constantly met with a barrage of attacks. One that although you may not hear, is loud, vicious and abusive thoughts that cause various outbreaks such as anxiety, being paralyzed in fear, running to the stall of a nearby stall to cry, breaking out in a cold sweat and so much more.

Suffering is never silent…sometimes we just choose to turn away from the display we see of it.

Sometimes it’s seems inconvenient or too much to deal with, but what about the person who lives with it?

You’ll never know the magnitude of the result that comes with noticing a person in their moment of struggle if you choose not to speak to them when the moment arises.

Let’s talk today, tomorrow and everyday after… #BellLetsTalk

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