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and not expressing it

Is like wrapping a PRESENT

and not GIVING it”

– William Arthur Ward


The term thanksgiving is defined as “the expression of gratitude; especially to God”.  In light of our recent celebration of Thanksgiving in Canada this past Monday, I thought it fitting to address this act of gratitude as it relates to our relationships.

Far too often, we find ourselves on the giving or receiving end of taking or being taken for granted. I, myself have accused my own husband of this, but have also had him voice having the same feeling and it occurs simply from not acknowledging things that we do for one another. The experiences I’ve learned from the school of hard knocks has taught me that the expectations we have are not always going to be met due to our imperfect nature, and so I’ve used this notion to practice thanksgiving not just with strangers who may display an act of kindness, but to those closest to me who can be easily overlooked because of their familiarity.

I’m mindful, although there are times I forget, to thank my husband for things like taking the time to make sure that even if the dishes aren’t washed, my favourite coffee cup is ready beside a freshly filled kettle for me to make my morning caffeine fix; or how he took the time to replenish my guilty pleasure of Nestle Drumstick Icecream cones (especially the strawberry shortcake) after hearing me say they finished; or even how my kids pause the tv and call me when my favourite commercial airs, just to see me smile.

By noticing and acknowledging the simple things that are done for us, we give opportunity for value and pride to be instilled in the one demonstrating it and hopefully leads to them reciprocating the same.

As a challenge to all of us today, let’s explore one gesture of love that a loved one does and take the time to acknowledge him or her for it.

Have an amazing Thursday!

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